Here is a picture of the bathbombs sitting in some styro containers I made so they will harden in a nice round shape.

It took about 5 minutes to make all of the bombs with the molds. (the last one was a small one as I am still refining my recipe).
The recipe I use is: One difference I do from most recipies I have found is to combine all of the dry ingredients except the citric acid then add the oil, colorant and scent. Mix that up, then add the citric acid. Spritz with the witch-hazel untill it starts to clump (spray a few times, then mix well until the clumpint starts) and then press in the molds.

I could not find the mold size that I wanted, so I went to the local home improvement store and bought some black pvc pipe (to make the barrel), two stair barrister knobs for a positive mold, and a fiberglass repair kit. I used the barrister knobs to make the two half-molds with fiberglass. It took about an hour to make them (and I am sure the next ones are going to be even better).

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