I decided I want to learn how to make soap. I have already made 4 batches, and figured it was time to make something that someone may want to use. So I decided to try some honey-oatmeal-goatmilk soap.
To make it, I used the following ingredients:
Here is a photo-blogy-thing of what I did
The Oils and lye blended
At trace
While it was cooking, I whipped up some bath bombs

The soap is done cooking!
Adding the goat's milk powder, honey and ground up oatmeal (and just a bit of vanilla)
Most of it in a candle mold I have
And the rest hand molded into a cake (I figure I should be able to charge at least twice as much for this, as it was "hand molded" haha! Genius!)
After I unmold and cut it tomorrow or the next day I will post some more pictures here about how it turned out.