One day there was this monkey. This was no ordinary monkey, though. This was a Party monkey! This silly little monkey would party at the drop of a hat, and then party twice as hard when it was picked back up. The monkey had a friend who was graduating , so the monkey decided that he would go party with them. The reached the bar early, and the monkey ordered up a drink . Pretty soon, the monkey was playing games and having a great time. It wasn't too long after that when the monkey decided that he wanted to play by himself . After a few games, the monkey decided to take a break , but that didn't last long, as he really needed another beer . After he had drank a few beers, the monkey started to get pretty sociable, and met some new friends . Sadly, all of the beer, bacardi, tequila and yeager that the poor little monkey had drank started to take its toll , and it wasn't long after that the monkey went down for the count .

The next day dawned (well, actually it crept up on the monkey and bit him in the ass around 1pm) and the monkey really needed some food, but he was not feeling well at all . He did manage to force down some coffee, and after stealing some nice sun-glasses, he felt much better and lived happily ever after.

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